Your money. Optimised.

Get the right balance between saving, investing and paying off debt. Maximise your returns using ISAs and LISAs. Always have the best products on the market. Quick and easy to set up.

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Impartial and unbiased
Fully automated
Free to use

Optimise your finances

Determine how best to allocate your cash

Get the right balance between saving, investing and paying off debt using our proprietary optimisation tool.

Utilise your tax wrappers

Intelligent AI to help determine when its right for you to use an ISA, LISA or a SIPP.

Select the best products

We’ll show you the best products on the market to meet your needs.

Keep them optimised

Always on, real-time monitoring

We keep an eye on your balances, when they move we’ll tell you if you need to do anything differently.

Automated product searches

We proactively scan the market and let you know the minute we find a better product.

Pre-eligibility checks

We’ll only inform you if you’re likely to be accepted by a lender. Our searches don’t affect your credit rating.

Market leading rates

Whole of the market savings accounts and leading credit-card, loan, and investment products.

New savings account

+ £127.20
per year

During our daily whole-of-the-market search we’ve identified that there’s a new savings account on the market that pays a higher interest rate than your current product

Manage everything in one place

Single login

See all of your accounts in one place. Connect via Open Banking or add an account balance manually.

Aggregate transactions

Search by individual transaction, or filter by merchant or category.

See your net wealth

We even connect to Zoopla so you have a true picture of your finances.

Fully protected and in control

No fees, contracts or subscriptions

Just connect your accounts and we'll optimise them. Disconnect them at any time.

Customisable controls

We provide the guidance, you make the decisions. Turn features on or off, depending on your preferences.

FSCS Protection

Our AI ensures every penny is covered by FSCS by splitting your savings across banking groups.

Easy to use

1. Connect

(3 mins)

2. Run the optimiser

(4 mins)

3. Select products

(3 mins)

4. Switch

(5 mins)

5. Monitor

(0 mins)

1. Connect
2. Run the optimiser
3. Select products
4. Switch
5. Monitor

1. Connect your accounts to our platform via Open Banking or add them as off-line balances. This gives us an overview of your finances so we can understand your current financial make-up.

2. This is a collection of between 5 and 10 questions to help determine what the right level of saving, investing and debt repayment is optimal for you.

3. We’ll show you the best rates for each of the product groups (savings, borrowing, investing) identified through the optimisation process and clearly display the benefit the new product.

4. You choose which products you want to take out or switch to. If you want to keep your existing accounts that’s okay too. You’re entirely in control.

5. We’ll proactively monitor the market and let you know the minute there’s a better product available. Likewise, if your balances change, we’ll let you know if you need to do anything differently.

Zero fees

Our aim is to improve financial lives.

There are nearly 20 million people in the UK who would benefit from financial advice, but the majority would find the cost prohibitive or poor value for money.

Optimly has been built with this in mind.

Optimly utilises Open Banking technology and our own proprietary algorithms to enble us to provide our serivce without the need for human advisors.

By doing this we have been able to reduce the costs traditional finanical advisors incur, but still provide our clients with a clear,
holistic and tailored proposition.

As a result, we are able to provide our service free of charge.

One thing to note is that while we do not charge for our service, some of the providers on our platform may charge a product fee, e.g. a annual credit card fee or an
investment fund management charge.

Frequently asked questions

Optimly is a new and exciting alternative to traditional financial advice.

By understanding your existing financial position and your objectives for the future we are able to help you structure your finances so they are in the optimal shape.

By optimisation we mean how best to utilise the power of your money.

Is it right having your money in a savings account? Should it be in an ISA? Should you invest in stocks and shares? Should you make over-payments on your credit cards, loans or mortgages? Could you benefit from a LISA? Is it better to put your money into an ISA or a SIPP? Do you have the product rates?

Doing one thing or another can affect the amount of return you can get on your money – and how much tax is due on interest earned or capital growth.

Optimly is personalised to you and provides clear and conscience information on how to optimise your finances.

Optimly is personalised to you and provides clear and conscience information on how to optimise your finances, but you make and execute the decisions.

You’re entirely in control. Every element of our service can be turned on or off and unlike some similar services we do not ask for or require a letter of authority/power of attorney.

There is a charge for using a financial advisor, which means it is not a cost-effective approach for many people.

Optimly is free to use so cost isn’t a barrier. If we feel that you would benefit from having a financial advisor, we will happily recommend one.

It’s certainly an option but knowing the latest rules and regulations and ensuring you have the best products on the market can be a full-time job in itself.

Optimly is free to use so anyone wishing to use the service can do so without cost being a barrier.

There is no cost to using our service and we’ll make sure your finances are structured optimally for you. What’s more it’s quicker than doing it yourself.

The benefit from using our service will depend on a number of factors, including how your finances are currently structured but, on average, people who use Optimly will be better off that those who don’t.

If you’d like to.

There are three elements to our service: 1) making sure you have the right allocation of cash across saving, borrowing and investing; 2) utilising your tax wrappers, 3) having the best products on the market.

If you already have the best savings/borrowing/investing products on the market, then we’ll let you know. If there is a better product but you prefer your current provider, you can stick with them.

All we do is let you know how much better off you’ll be by making a decision. You decide whether or not to make it.

Optimly is a digital-only service so we have been able to remove a lot of the costs that firms incur when offering traditional finanical advice. As a result, our service is free to use.

One thing to note is that, while we do not charge for our service, some of the product providers may charge a fee; for example, an annual credit card fee or an investment fund management charge.

If you have any questions about Optimly or our service, please contact us.