Partner with us

The Optimly Exchange is a place where banks, robos, insurance companies, asset managers, comparison websites and other fintechs can provide our clients with the cutting-edge financial products and services that meet their needs.
The Exchange provides a quick, easy and cost-efficient distribution channel, there are no set up fees and onboarding can take as little as a few weeks.

Simple and straight forward to join

No set-up costs, subscription fees or minimum spend

Optimly Exchange operates a partnership model. There are no direct onboarding costs, annual subscription fees or minimum revenue requirements.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best products and services in the market and we therefore provide free access to our platform to ensure cost isn’t a barrier.

Easy to integrate

The speed at which you can integrate with our platform will depend on your current infrastructure, the products or services you deploy and your customer journey.

Our minimum set of technology requirements ensure our clients get the best services in a smooth and seamless way.

We will work with you to tailor our processes to meet your requirements. In some instances we have successfully integrated partners in to Optimly Exchange in days, whereas in other cases it has taken around 3-4 weeks.

Dedicated support

When you partner with us, we will guide you through each step. Whether it is tech support, data configuration or optimising marketing strategies, we’ll provide you with all the support you need.

Once you’re onboarded to Optimly Exchange we’ll continue to ensure you get the most from our partnership by providing customer insight and aiding the development of market optimisation strategies.

Increase volume, improve client experience

Reduced customer effort

There is a large proportion of data overlap between complementary services. As Optimly holds core client information, customers being referred to you through Optimly Exchange can onboard to your product or service with minimal effort.

Lower aquisition costs

By joining Optimly Exchange you have access to our client base at minimal cost to you. This, in turn, translates into reduced marketing spend, reduced customer acquisition costs, and ultimately reduced costs for the end user as these savings are recycled.

Personalised services

One of the major advantages of Optimly is that we provide our clients with a fully personalised and taliored service. We don’t sell products – we optimise our clients’ finances. Of course, having the right products is essential in the optimisation process but, by starting with the customer, we ensure that – when we refer someone to you – they meet a minimum criteria.

Better products

One of our key values is our client-centricity. While we are not a financial product provider, we focus on the needs and wants of our clients – understanding both their current financial position and their future goals – and use our clients’ input to help you make your products better.