About us

There are nearly 20 million people in the UK who would benefit from financial advice but, for the majority, its cost would be prohibitively high or represent poor value. So, unless advice can be made more accessible, a large proportion of the country will remain underserved.

Optimly aims to change that by making sure the right level of information is always available. Not everyone needs full-blown financial advice – an advisor is often only required at certain points in a person’s financial journey – so, in most cases, having “pre-advice” or financial education is the right starting point.

Everything we do is digitally driven, which reduces our overheads and allows us to make Optimly free to use.

Our values

Our values represent who we are, at our best. We seek to exhibit these values every day.


We exist to improve our clients' financial lives. Everything we do is in pursuit of this goal.


In order to solve industry problems, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Trust is the cornerstone of our business. We say what we mean, keep our promises and treat others with respect.


We celebrate diversity and combine our experiences and perspectives to be better together.


We recognise that no matter how good an idea or talented the individual, nothing is achieved without hard work.


We remove unnecessary complexity and jargon to make our service easy to use.